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ReadyList Pro (patent pending) is a fully interactive playbook learning and testing technology.

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Revolutionary Playbook Learning and Testing Tool

Made by players/coaches for players/coaches

Gain a competitive advantage with this easy-to-use interactive technology

No need to make your own quizzes—just input your playbook

Customize your own unique tests

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ReadyList Pro Player Benefits


Increase learning efficiency and retention rate to maximize limited player study time


Improve player confidence to help them play smarter, harder, and faster

Learning Styles

Allow players to view information using a variety of learning styles

Mobile Compatible

Works on desktops and tablets

ReadyList Pro Coach Benefits


Evaluate the knowledge level of your team and individual players at any time


Keep players accountable for knowing the playbook

Player Progression

Encourage player progression while adhering to player contact rules such as the NCAA 20-hour rule and the NFL's new CBA restrictions


Quickly get new players up to speed and integrated into your schemes

ReadyList Pro Scouting and Analytics

Scout Testing

Test draft eligible players or incoming freshmen on their ability to learn your system

Track Progress

Track player progress and view detailed analytics for each area tested

Understand Deficiencies

Get a precise understanding of each player's deficient areas in playbook comprehension

ReadyList Pro

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